Step 1

Step one is just that. Taking the first step. Every journey has to start somewhere, and they all start with taking the first step (figuratively or literally). Sometimes we unknowingly make the first move and other times we have to think about it for days/months/years, psych ourselves up, slap ourselves on the bottom and force ourselves to act.

I have often met people who have talked about activities that they used to do or always wanted to do. Most are just mentioned in passing as little known facts about their lives. But every once in a while there is someone with a fiery passion and desire in regards to an activity. All these people have a tell of some form or another. Something changes in that person. Whether it be as obvious as almost peeing their pants with excitement or as slight as a change in posture indicating that you now have their undivided attention, there’s always a change. My favourite tell is in people’s eyes. The sudden life brought back to them, almost like a shimmering twinkle, as they reminisce about the glory days or imagine the unlimited potential.

To these people I say things like:

“What the hell are you waiting for?!”

“If it’s what you love to do, then find a way and do it!”

“Life’s too freakin short!”

The rebuttals are usually something like this (I’m guilty of these too…):

“It’s too expensive”

“I’m too busy”/”I don’t have time”

“I’m not as good at it as I used to be”

“What if I fail?”/”What if I’m not good at it?”

What we’re all doing is getting in the way of our own dreams. Letting our own fears or technicalities squash our dreams before they even have a chance. Which is why they simply stay as dreams and never become reality.

The most universal advice I can give to people no matter what the reason they have for not doing something constructive is, step one, become informed. Do some research and educate yourself. There’s a lot of free information out there (too expensive … SQUASHED) available on the Internet … Which is accessible anywhere at anytime (too busy … SQUASHED). I have yet to come across an activity that doesn’t have a recreational or alumni segment to it (not as good … SQUASHED). And with recreational segments, it’s all in the name of fun and learning (what if I fail … SQUASHED). The more you learn and know about something, the less of a mystery it becomes and you’ll prepared to save some money, book the time and set yourself up to have a blast.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do or really want to do again? What’s standing in your way from doing it now? Let me know by leaving me a comment.

Lets get the adventure started!!!

PS … My darling little brother … TADA! My first blog post! Thanks for helping me get informed over the years!



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