Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo

In need of getting some serious geek on? Do you love some or all of the following?: Video games, comic books, fantasy, science fiction, reading, movies, television, anime, super heroes, etc. Then prepare to have you mind blown at Edmonton (Fall) or Calgary’s (Spring) Comic and Entertainment Expos (AKA Comic Con)! I went to my first one in Calgary this past spring and was absolutely amazed at how big the event was, how much cool shit there was to buy and how many awesome celebs there were signing autographs, doing photo ops and answering questions during panel interviews. Whether you’re a hard core gamer, into cosplay or just have a super geeky guilty pleasure, there’s something for everyone.

I attended Edmonton’s Expo a few weekends ago, and though it’s not as big as Calgary’s yet, I still found it to be impressive. I hear they’ve come a long way from last year (the first year in Edmonton). And though the line ups are long, it seems to be a fairly smooth process and well organized. The same people organize the events in both cities and I just love this! The division between Edmonton and Calgary can get quite competitive and hostile sometimes. These two events are perfect examples of what greatness we can achieve when we work together and learn from each other, because as Albertans, we’re all awesome! The geeks of Alberta should be very proud.

Just a couple things to take into consideration if you plan on attending one of these events:

1) Buy your tickets and photo ops ahead of time online. You don’t want to be that person begging people outside to buy their passes off them because the event sold out. And they definitely do sell out.

2) Do some research. Find out who will be attending and when. There are some pretty cool celebs that go every year. You don’t want go miss out meeting a childhood hero, do you?

3) Wear comfortable walking shoes. You’ll be walking a lot and flip flops or Uggs just don’t cut it.

4) Bring a small back pack or larger purse to carry some water and any of the cool shit you might buy.

5) There is a lot of art work available for purchase. If you and a bunch of friends are planning on buying some prints, then bring a small art folio to share. You don’t want your art getting wrecked while you’re milling around.

So, if getting a signature from, say, Stan Lee would make you titter like a little school girl or having a photo op with Nathan Fillion would make you flush with glee, then you should probably speed on over to the next Comic-Con nearest you!

If you have any helpful hints or fantastic experiences to share, please add them to the comments on the Blog.

“Stay Frosty!”

PS … Photos are from the Calgary Expo





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