Fun Run: Colo(u)r Me RAD (YEG)

Colour Me RAD (I’m Canadian, so I’m spelling it our way, but the actual organization is spelt without the “u”) is a 5 Km fun run that puts way more emphasis on FUN than run. It’s a ridiculously enjoyable time where you get as messy as possible all while supporting a worthy cause. The event, here in Edmonton, supports the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation (each location supports a local charity, which is the Raddest part of all).

Things to consider to optimize your RAD experience:

  • Wear white everything … The colour powder shows up better.
  • Wear sunglasses (you get a pair with your registration package) … It’s a blast running through the colour and throwing it at your friends. It’s not so fun getting it right in your eye.
  • Wear running shoes and clothing that you don’t care about getting stained.
  • There’s always a wet colour station … And you’re probably wearing a white t-shirt … Wet t-shirt contest anyone??? Let’s remember that there are a lot of family’s and kids running. You may want to consider a sports bra or undershirt if you’re not comfortable having the “ladies” on display.
  • Don’t sign up if you don’t want to get dirty. It always boggles my mind when people sign up for this race and then spend the whole time trying not to get dirty. Live a little and get messy!!!
  • If you don’t desire having a permanent purple ass stain on your car seats, bring towels or plastic covers for the car ride home.
  • Sign up as a team. It is way more fun if you have people you know to throw colour at and to go with you to public places afterwards.
  • Pick up your registration packages during the pre-event registration times the week before the event. The line is long but goes super fast. And then you’ll have everything you need the morning before you go. Plus, they always have merchandise tables set up there to buy additional colour bombs and other RAD articles of clothing.
  • Run with someone who has pockets or a RAD fanny pack so you have some place to keep the car keys.
  • Try to arrive over an hour before your race time. Getting into the parking lot at Northlands can take over 45 min. Consider parking in residential or taking the LRT beforehand.
  • If you have Asthma … You probably shouldn’t sign up. It’s not the running that’ll get ya, but the clouds of coloured dust everywhere. Or at least bring your inhaler.
  • You don’t need to be a runner to enjoy this event. Just as many people walk the course and enjoy it just as much.
  • If you want to take pictures and bring your phone, keep them in plastic ziplock bags … The dust gets EVERYWHERE!
  • The colour washes off for the most part. I find your skin only really stains where you sweat the most. And it only last a day or two. So don’t run the race the day before your wedding photos are being taken (Though … That is a pretty big white outfit to collect colour with…).
  • Have some consideration for the environment and the neighbourhood you’re running in. The colour powder itself is non-toxic coloured corn starch that will dissolve and wash away with the next rain, but the plastic bag it comes in will not. Don’t be a jerk! Put your garbage in a garbage can!
  • Stick around after your race to take part in a huge colour bombing that happens every 15 to 20 min
  • Register early!!! It always sells out in Edmonton after a couple of days. Sign up for their e-mail mailing list to ensure that you receive notification as soon as registration is open.
  • As always, the most important thing is to have FUN!!!

If I’ve missed any great tips and recommendations, be sure to add your comments to the blog.

Smiles and sunshine,



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