Roar Recreational Services

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It’s official … I’ve opened my own sole proprietor!!! All the legal documents are filed and licenses approved. I decided that since it’s going to take me 3.5 more years before I’m a certified Recreational Therapist that I might as well start doing what I can do. This is plenty enough time to build a solid foundation, stretch my business skills and start helping out in the community.

As many of my old high school mates can attest to, I’ve been itching to be a business owner and my own boss since before I graduated (many many many moons ago). When I was approached earlier this year to enter the private sector, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. And a fantastic window of opportunity to start developing my dream and make it into reality. This is just the very beginning though … plenty more to come in the future!!!

Keep watch as I continue to update this website. You won’t find a list of services, hours of operation or contact information quite yet as I am currently booked solid with school, work and clients.

Smiles and sunshine,



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