#wurhk?¿ 1.3

We went to West Edmonton Mall today. Spent some time at Galaxy Land riding the train, crashing the bumper cars and exploring the play place. Headed over to the food court for lunch. Then boarded the Santa Maria.

We had some time to kill, so I let the kiddo decide where we were to go next. He spotted the World Vision village display and wanted to go in. I was advised by the nice lady to take him through one of the last two curtains, as they are PG and the first two are PG-13. He turned down the audio guide and chose the Beatrice curtain. In we went.

We’re both kind of quiet looking around and walking through the exhibit. Then I hear, “this is really cool.” I quietly explain, “people actually live in places like this.” He responds, “I would love to live in a place like this. Well, maybe not in the winter. Just in the summer.” Before I know it we’re at the end and the nice lady from the start is standing there asking us what we thought. Before I could say anything I hear from the kiddo, “It was awesome!” He then just walks away leaving me there dumbfounded, trying frantically to think of what to say next.



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