All people discover what they are passionate about.


Our mission is to provide leisure opportunities that enrich the lives of people.


We believe in leisure that expresses freedom of choice, is intrinsically motivating and personally engaging. When people are having fun:

  • Productivity at work increases
  • Connections with the community are improved
  • Family engagement is strengthened
  • And self-esteem is heightened

Preferred leisure activities are different for everyone. By using all the different elements of leisure (Games, sports, play, recreation, events and tourism), we are sure to find something for everyone.



Well-being is multidimensional and requires a holistic approach. We work to improve the well-being of individuals and groups.


Our communities are the sources for many resources. We work to help individuals and groups tap into those resources.


Life is all about finding balance. Balance at work, at home and within oneself. We work to help individuals and groups to find balance.


Empowerment is a powerful tool for building trust, respect, loyalty and ownership. We work to empower individuals and groups to be in control of their own lives.


When we collaborate, we work to people’s strengths in order to create amazing solutions. It is the foundation to a multi-disciplinary approach to health care. We embrace collaborative work to create great solutions for individuals and groups.


When people are engaged with what they are doing they become invested. We work to find activities that are engaging for individuals and groups.


If it were easy, wouldn’t we have done it all ready?

If it were easy, would it be worth our time?

If it were easy, would we have anything to learn?

If it were easy, would it keep life interesting?

We work to challenge ourselves, individuals, groups and each other.


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