#wurhk?¿ 2.1

I used to work with a kiddo, who we shall call “Q”, who constantly role-plays different cartoon characters with his brother while they play. Some favourite characters of their’s are “Max & Ruby” and “Toopy & Binoo”. The brothers are really great at taking turns being the different characters. I was recently informed that a new set of characters have been added to their repertoire. Now, during play time, they will sometimes role-play being “Brady & Q” and play the games that I used to do with Q during my time there.

All the feels.



#wurhk?¿ 2.0

What I learned from a teen today:

It’s not cool to be eager and excited about stuff. Even though you’re eager and excited about stuff. Especially when your mom announces to everyone that you’re eager and excited about said stuff.


#wurhk?¿ 1.3

We went to West Edmonton Mall today. Spent some time at Galaxy Land riding the train, crashing the bumper cars and exploring the play place. Headed over to the food court for lunch. Then boarded the Santa Maria.

We had some time to kill, so I let the kiddo decide where we were to go next. He spotted the World Vision village display and wanted to go in. I was advised by the nice lady to take him through one of the last two curtains, as they are PG and the first two are PG-13. He turned down the audio guide and chose the Beatrice curtain. In we went. Continue reading

#wurhk?¿ 1.2

Kid farts so bad today that he gases himself out and has to stop what he’s doing to plug his nose. I just power through and keep us on task as usual. The parent approaches to ask him what he’s doing, but before she could finish asking she realizes that she has stepped into the “infected zone”.

Parent, “WHOA! Go to the bathroom next time! Think about how Brady feels sitting so close to you!”

I have mastered the art of mouth breathing.


#wurhk?¿ 1.0

That moment when the kid you’re working with is reading a story in the library and proclaims, “But I don’t have any junk in my trunk!!!”